The consequences of cesarean section on neonates, infants and children

Koukoura O, Garas A, Messinis I

Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, University of Thessaly, Larissa University hospital, Larissa, Greece

Correspondence: Koukoura Ourania, Terpsithea, GR-41500, Larissa, Greece. E-mail:


Cesarean section is considered the least traumatic and stressful mode of delivery and, thus, it is often indicated in cases where fetal well being is compromised. During the past decades there was a steep rise in cesarean section rate. Cesarean section is associated with reduced rates of birth trauma and meconium aspiration. However, its impact on the respiratory function of neonates and its long term health consequences is currently under investigation. In this review, we examine the role of the mode of delivery on the health of offspring during the postpartum period and thereafter.

Keywords: cesarian, neonates, children

p. 103-105