First trimester medical abortion: The several merits of combination mifepristone – misoprostol

Vrachnis Nikolaos1, Zygouris Dimitrios1, Lolos Markos1, Dimitrakaki Alexandra1, Salakos Nikolaos2

1Gynecology Obstetrics and Perinatal Unit, University of Athens Evgenideio Hospital, Athens, Greece
22nd Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, University of Athens Aretaieio Hospital, Athens, Greece

Correspondence: Nikolaos Vrachnis, 124B Vassilisis Sofias Av., 115 26, Athens, Greece, E – mail:


Abortion is a very common procedure among women of reproductive age. Medical abortion is an alternative to surgical evacuation, especially in the early first trimester. Following the introduction of mifepristone, the number of medical abortions has rapidly increased. Mifepristone is used at doses of either 600mg or 200mg in combination with misoprostol and is regarded as a safe and effective method, though clinicians need also to be aware of its limitations in order to appropriately select cases and adequately inform their patients. In this review we present the current data on the use of mifepristone for medical abortion in first trimester, as well as of mifepristone in combination with misoprostol, as concerns the different doses of both regimens, the rates of treatment failure and possible complications.

Keywords: Mifepristone, misoprostol, abortion, medical abortion, first trimester, pregnancy

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