Case Report

Bilateral B – cell non – Hodgkin ovarian lymphoma: A case presentation

Sofoudis Chrisostomos1, Koumousidis Antonios2, Vervesou Elisavet3, Sinha Prabha2, Politi Ekaterini4, Salakos Nikolaos1

12nd Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, University of Athens, Medical school, Aretaieio hospital , Athens, Greece
2Department of Gynecology, Conquest hospital, East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust, England, United Kingdom
3Department of Hematology, Henry Dynant hospital, Athens, Greece
4Department of Pathology, University of Athens, Medical school, Aretaieio hospital, Athens, Greece

Correspondence: Koumousidis Antonios, 46 Oast House Close, St. Leonards on sea, East Sussex, England, TN377UY, United Kingdom, E – mail:


The correlation between non – Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL) and the genital tract is unquestionable. The ovaries represent the most common anatomic sites. In many cases the clinical spectrum seems identical and misleads the treatment management. The prognosis is often poor due to delayed or inaccurate diagnosis. We present a case of a 63 – year – old female patient with NHL mimicking ovarian carcinoma, early diagnosed and successfully treated.

Keywords: Non – Hodgkin lymphoma, ovarian carcinoma, chemotherapy

p. 115-119