Periodontal disease of the mother and incidence of preeclampsia

Thrasyvoulos-Marios Smyrlis, Sofoklis Stavros, Dimitrios Loutradis, Peter Drakakis 1st OB/GYN Dept, Medical School, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Athens. Greece Correspondence: Thrasyvoulos-Marios Smyrlis, DDS, Tel.: 6937686533, email:   Keywords: Periodontal disease, preeclampsia pregnacy Introduction Periodontitis is a chronic inflammatory disease, which is progressing in a slow pace and leads to gingival tissue destruction Read More


The role of NK cells and HLA system in preeclampsia

Kalinderis Michail, Kalinderi Kallirhoe, Papanikolaou Alexis

Preeclampsia is a pregnancy – specific syndrome associated with increased maternal and fetal morbidity and mortality. The development of preeclampsia occurs in two stages including reduced placental invasion, followed by the activation of endothelial cells and the release of various factors leading to the clinical manifestations of this syndrome. The initial trigger…


Diagnostic accuracy of the soluble Fms-like tyrosine kinase-1/placental growth factor ratio for preeclampsia with the use of a common cut-off value

Vasilios Pergialiotis, Anastasia Prodromidou, Alexandros Sotiriadis, Nikolaos Papantoniou

Background: To date, predictive markers of preeclampsia have not been established in the field of prenatal care. The Soluble fms-like tyrosine kinase-1/Platelet Growth Factor (sFlt-1/PlGF) ratio has been extensively studied in the literature and seems to be promising. However, consensus regarding its efficacy is lacking. Objective: The purpose of the present meta-analysis is to evaluate the …

Humanin, a cytoprotective peptide against oxidative stress: Is it possible to play a role in obstetrics and gynecology?

Nikolakopoulos P

Humanin is a 24-amino acid peptide encoded by mitochondrial 16SRNA, that was firstly isolated from the occipital lobe of patients with Alzheimer’ s disease. Although it was identified as an antineuronal death factor, literature indicates humanin as a wide spectrum survival factor. To date, humanin has been shown to play a role in preventing cell death among various tissues outside …

Biochemical prognostic markers of pre-eclampsia

Grammatikakis I, Evagelinakis N, Salamalekis G, Kassanos D

Pre-eclampsia, a pregnancy-specific disorder, contributes substantially to perinatal morbidity and mortality of both mother and newborn. An increasing number of biochemical agents has been evaluated as markers for predicting pre-eclampsia the last two decades, but none has been proved to be of clinical value yet. Much effort has been put into assessing novel potential markers …