Repair of urinary incontinence in postmenopausal patients with trans obturator urinary tapes: 2 years of experience in a series of 30 patients.

Pergialiotis V, Lagadas A, Κarakalpakis D, Oikonomidis P, Giannakopoulos K

p. 85-89

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Sexual habits in adolescent and young adult health students

Antoniadis S, Sela M, Ustinof-Ersof D, Zerva M, Anagnostaki L, Antoniadou AV, Makrogkika E, Kleanthous P, Dionyssopoulou E

p. 91-96

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Selective reduction in multiple pregnancies

Antsaklis Α, Anastasakis Ε

p. 97-107

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Adnexal masses complicating pregnancy

Thomakos N, Chantzi H, Rodolakis A, Antsaklis A

p. 109-113

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