Pelvic floor reconstruction in postmenopausal hysterectomised women with the use of transdermal needle guided mesh.

Oikonomidis P., Pergialiotis V., Pitsouni E., Lagkadas A., Giannakopoulos K.

Gynecological Department G.H. “Laiko”, Athens, Greece.

Correspondence: Oikonomidis Polychronis, Gynecological Department G.H. “Laiko”

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Pelvic floor disorders produce a variety of aesthetic and functional problems that affect women in a daily basis. The constantly rising demand for medical help makes their methodical treatment through new techniques that tend to replace the old and unsuccessful efforts of simple colporrhaphy imperative.
The current study presents a group of 13 patients with pelvic floor disorders who were treated with a new technique that uses transdermally needle guided biosynthetic mesh.

Key words: pelvic floor reconstruction; cystocele; rectocele.