Live birth after polar body biopsy and preimplantation genetic screening of aneuploidy by DNA-microarray comparative genomic hybridisation

Economou K1, Christopikou D1, Tsorva E1, Handyside A2, Cazlaris H1, Davies S1, Mastrominas M1

1Embryogenesis Assisted Conception unit, 49 Kifissias Avenue, GR-15123 Maroussi, Athens, Greece
2The London Bridge Fertility center of Gynecology and Genetics, London, United Kingdom

Correspondence: Economou Konstantinos, Embryogenesis, 49 Kifissias Avenue, GR-15123 Maroussi, Athens, Greece. E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




Α patient with a history of recurrent IVF failures was subjected to preimplantation genetic screening of aneuploidies by DNA microarray comparative genomic hybridisation (a-CGH). Oocytes that had been screened and found chromosomally euploid after biopsy of the first and second polar bodies were used, thereby avoiding the use of donated oocytes. A twin clinical pregnancy was achieved after transfer of three embryos, and two healthy children (one male, one female) were delivered by cesarian section at 33 weeks of gestation, due to development of pre-eclampsia symptoms. This is the first report of birth after application of polar bodies screening by a-CGH in Greece.

Key words: preimplantation genetic screening (PGS); DNA microarray comparative genomic hybridisation (a-CGH); polar body biopsy; IVF