Volume 13, Issue 1   



journal 001





Hellenic Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology (HJOG): Inaugural editorial to mark its English-language publication

Vrachnis Nikolaos , Farmakides George, Loufopoulos Aristotelis

p. 1-3

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Illuminating Obstetrics and Gynecology via Google Glass: Its potential applications

Vrachnis Nikolaos

p. 4-6

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Placental eicosanoids as endocrine and paracrine mediators during pregnancy

Iliodromiti Zoe, Grigoriadis Charalampos, Stournaras Stamatis, Daniilidis Angelos, Dafopoulos Konstantinos, Vrachnis Nikolaos

p. 7-10

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Management of women with cytological glandular lesions of uterine cervix: New literature data

Nikolaou Marinos, Papadimitriou Ifigenia, Michail George, Androutsopoulos George, Adonakis George, Relakis Konstantinos, Decavalas George

p. 11-24

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Case Reports

Microscopic hematuria in the gynecologic and obstetric patient

Lazarou George, Stournaras Stamatios, Nousia Konstantina, Zygouris Dimitrios  

p. 25-29

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Struma ovarii in combination with increased levels of CA125 and ascites: Case report and review of the literature 

Kougioumtsidou Anna, Kougioumtsidou Niki, Athanasopoulou Maria, Pados George, Tarlatzis Vasileios

p. 30-33

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Letter to the Editor

Is preventive storage of cord blood justified and why is it not yet widely prescribed?

Karavanas George

p. 34-35

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