Evaluation of the quality of life of postmenopausal women using an estradiol and drospirenone combined oral hormone replacement therapy

Galazios George, Kalamara Eleni, Galaziou Aspasia, Tsikouras Panagiotis, Liberis Vasileios, Kolios George

Introduction: The aim of this study was to estimate the beneficial effects of drospirenone/estradiol combination in postmenopausal women, concerning the improvement of quality of life. Materials and Methods: Sixty one women took part in a non-comparative follow – up study after consent. They were up to one year menopausal, presented climasteric symptoms, had intact uterus and no contraindications …


Clinical characteristics and current therapeutic approach of patients with synchronous primary endometrial and ovarian cancers

Androutsopoulos Georgios, Vitsas Charalampos, Thanatsis Nikolaos, Michail Georgios, Terzakis Emmanouel, Decavalas Georgios

Synchronous primary endometrial and ovarian cancers are relatively uncommon in general population. Although their pathogenesis still remains unclear, embryologic, hormonal, genetic or other phenomena may be responsible for the development of synchronous primary endometrial and ovarian cancers. The most common symptoms and signs in those patients are: abnormal uterine bleeding …


Toxicological impact of heavy metals on the placenta: A literature review

Mantakas Xenofon, Sofoudis Chrisostomos, Koumousidis Antonios, Sinha Prabha

The purpose of this study is the review of the literature regarding the placental damage after exposure to heavy metals. The role of the feto-placental unit is particularly important during pregnancy and replaces the function of the not fully formed organs of the fetus, like the lungs, kidneys, the gastrointestinal and the endocrine system. Moreover, it protects the fetus from …

Case Report

Recurrent ectopic pregnancies: A management dilemma

Ajayi Sunday, Chetan Uma

Recurrent ectopic pregnancies can be managed conservatively, medically or surgically and present as a management dilemma for the clinician, in particular if the patient is keen to retain fertility. We report the case of a 25 year old nulliparous woman with a history of 3 previous ectopic pregnancies. The patient was diagnosed with a left ectopic pregnancy, had a successful medical management …

Case Report

Melanoma metastatic to the breast

Ioannidis Charilaos

Metastatic tumors to the breast are rare. A case of a 49- year old female patient with a fast growing breast lump, that proved to be metastatic melanoma from an earlier treated cutaneous melanoma of the lower extremity, is presented. Treatment suggestions are made considering the dismal prognosis of these patients …