Pioneering uterus transplantation: Breaking new ground in human reproduction

Vrachnis Nikolaos, Grimbizis Grigorios, Messinis Ioannis

The first successful uterine transplant is a groundbreaking medical advance that constitutes a milestone in the field of human reproduction. The surgical procedure, which involves the transplantation of a healthy uterus into a female, is considered a viable option for women whose uterus is congenitally absent or after hysterectomy, or is severely diseased …


The endocrine and paracrine role of placental cytokines, growth factors and peptides

Vrachnis Nikolaos, Grigoriadis Charalampos, Zygouris Dimitrios, Vlachadis Nikolaos, Antonakopoulos Nikolaos, Iliodromiti Zoe

The human placenta plays a major role in pregnancy as it is the main organ of communication between the mother and the fetus. One of its actions is the secretion of a variety of substances. Cytokines, growth factors and peptides are secreted by the placenta during pregnancy and may act via endocrine, autocrine and paracrine pathways. Cytokines promote trophoblast implantation as well …


Abnormal cytologic findings during pregnancy

Michail Georgios, Androutsopoulos Georgios, Georgantis Apostolos, Adonakis Georgios, Decavalas Georgios

Our aim was the illustration of the controversies that occur during pregnancy related to the mode of obtaining and interpreting a cervical smear, specific colposcopic features, as well as the approach of diagnosing, following- up and treatment, based on the findings of the Papanicolaou smear. A review of the literature as well as the updated American Society of Colposcopy …


Exposure to ionizing radiation and pregnancy

Kathopoulis Nikolaos, Moirogiorgos Dimitrios, Thomakos Nikolaos, Rodolakis Alexandros

The exposure of pregnant women to ionizing radiation is often a source of concern and provokes many questions. This anxiety is often unjustified and the questions are asked too late. Ignorance of the subject is likely to harm the woman who requires investigative imaging or lead to inappropriate attitudes to offer a medical termination of pregnancy after low-level exposure …

Case Report

Cesarean scar pregnancy: A diagnostic dilemma and management with suction curettage

Syed Rifat, Sinha Prabha, El – Halwagy Hosam, Brompton Wendy

A case of a cesarean section scar pregnancy with a diagnostic dilemma is presented. Due to a decrease in β – hCG after 48 hours, the patient was diagnosed with a failing pregnancy and was given misoprostol. However, β – HCG was still high and the patient had a severe vaginal bleeding after a month of medical management. Evacuation curettage under laparoscop …