Causes of neonatal deaths in two maternity hospitals in Greece

Antoniadis S, Duru P, Karakasidi V, Kleanthous P, Dionyssopoulou E, Makrogika E, Iatrakis G

Department of Midwifery, Athens Technological Educational Institution, Athens, Greece

Correspondence: Antoniadis S, 4 Heraklitou St, GR-10673, Athens, Greece. Ε-mail:


The aim of our study was to investigate the causes of neonatal deaths in two maternity hospitals in Athens, Greece. Data from 13,080 neonates born during 12 months were analyzed and 95 deaths occured (neonatal mortality rate: 0.7%). 86 neonates (91%) were born preterm (<37 weeks of gestation) and 9 (9%) in term. Birth weight was more than 2,000 gr in 13 (14%) neonates, between 1,000-2,000 gr in 31 (33%), whereas in 51 (53%) was less then 1,000 gr. The most frequent causes of death were those associated with the respiratory tract, main reason being the respiratory distress syndrome (14 or 43%). 22 (23%) newborns had congenital malformations, 7 (7.3%) had chromosomal abnormalities, whereas 10 (10.5%) babies developed septicemia. In conclusion, the majority of neonatal deaths were related to prematurity and neonates with birth weight of less than 1,000 gr.

Keywords: newborn, death, maternity hospital