Repair of urinary incontinence in postmenopausal patients with trans obturator tapes: 2 years of experience in a series of 30 patients

Pergialiotis V, Lagadas A, Κarakalpakis D, Oikonomidis P, Giannakopoulos K

Gynecology clinic, Laiko hospital, Αthens, Greece

Correspondence: Pergialiotis V, 6 Danaidon St, GR-15232, Chalandri, Athens, Greece. E-mail:


Urinary incontinence is a disorder that occurs mainly in postmenopausal women and augments with advanced age. The aim of modern urogynecology is the treatment of this problem with minimal invasive techniques with few complications. We presents a group of 30 patients with stress urinary incontinence treated with biosynthetic trans obturator tapes.

Keywords: stress urinary incontinence, suburethral slings, TOTs

p. 85-89