Cesarean scar pregnancy: A diagnostic dilemma and management with suction curettage

Case Report

Syed Rifat, Sinha Prabha, El – Halwagy Hosam, Brompton Wendy

Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Conquest hospital, East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust, United Kingdom

Correspondence: Syed Rifat, Conquest hospital, East Sussex healthcare, NHS Trust, United Kingdom, E – mail: syed.rifat@yahoo.co.uk


A case of a cesarean section scar pregnancy with a diagnostic dilemma is presented. Due to a decrease in β – hCG after 48 hours, the patient was diagnosed with a failing pregnancy and was given misoprostol. However, β – HCG was still high and the patient had a severe vaginal bleeding after a month of medical management. Evacuation curettage under laparoscopic guidance was performed and the bleeding was successfully stopped using a Bakri balloon.

Keywords: cesarean section, misoprostol, ultrasonography, laparoscopy, evacuation curettage, Bakri balloon

p. 57-61