Mini Review

Progestin therapy for patients with endometrial cancer

Tsangouri P. S, Lazarou E, Pappa K

Endometrial cancer is the fifth most common cancer in women worldwide, counting almost 320.000 cases in 2012, and is the sixth leading cause of female death related to cancer. In the United States of America there were 60.050 new endometrial cancer cases in 2016 while in Europe 88.068 and in the United Kingdom about 7.400 cases annually. Atypical endometrial hyperplasia or endometrial intraepithelian neoplasia …


Fertility sparing options for women with ovarian neoplasms

Zygouris Dimitrios, Panagopoulos Perikles, Christodoulaki Chrysi, Vrachnis Nikolaos, Georgiou Athanasios, Chrelias Charalampos

Ovarian cancer is the leading cause of death by gynecological cancer and it is estimated that up to 17% of cases occur in women less than 40 years. In these patients it is often vital to maintain their fertility. This can be achieved using either fertility sparing types of surgery under strict selection criteria, or in combination with methods of assisted reproduction. In any case this should be avoided …

Case Report

Cervical Pregnancy: A case report

Christodoulaki Chrisi, Stratoudakis Georgios, Zygouris Dimitrios, Kastrinakis Konstantinos, Daskalakis Georgios, Panagopoulos Perikles

Cervical pregnancy is an extremely rare form of ectopic pregnancy. We present a case of a 30 years old patient, diagnosed with cervical pregnancy, in the 7th week of gestation. Initially pharmaceutical treatment was attempted, but due to severe vaginal bleeding the patient underwent surgical therapy. Early diagnosis and prompt treatment lead to a very good outcome minimizing …

Fertility-sparing surgical options in patients with early cervical cancer: Radical vaginal or abdominal trachelectomy?

Pigis D, Thomakos N, Lourantou D, Rodolakis A, Antsaklis A

Radical trachelectomy has emerged over the last years as a reasonable fertility-sparing operation for selected patients with stage I cervical cancer. The aim of this review was to summarize the latest literature and outline patient selection criteria, operative and oncologic outcomes. The majority of studies on fertility-sparing procedures in early stage cervical cancer examined …