Case Report

Luteal phase pregnancy after mirena coil insertion for intrauterine septum resection

Natasha Louise Citeroni, Rifat Syed

This report is of an unusual case of an intrauterine singleton pregnancy with a Mirena Coil (IUS) in situ following an elective hysteroscopic intrauterine septum resection for treatment of primary subfertility in a 27-year-old female. The patient elected to continue with the pregnancy and underwent additional monitoring via ultrasound. A caesarean section was undertaken at 39-weeks gestation and a healthy male infant was born …

Case Report

Office hysteroscopy for the diagnosis of endometrial cancer – An interesting case report

Daniilidis Angelos, Panteleris Nikolaos, Stamkopoulou Anthoula, Carcea Fausto, Kogeorgos Stylianos, Besharat Alexander, Asimakopoulos Efstratios

Introduction: Postmenopausal bleeding (PMB) is defined as bleeding from the genital track one year after the cessation of menses. About 1 in 10 women with postmenopausal bleeding will be diagnosed with malignancy. Case presentation: A 62 year old female patient who presented to the gynecological clinic with two incidents of vaginal bleeding in the last 60 days. The gynecological examination …

Hysteroscopical tubal ligation with Essure system: Initial experience from its use

Pados G, Kotronis K, Athanatos D, Tarlatzis B

Our aim was to present our initial experience with the use of Essure system for hysteroscopical tubal ligation on three patients, who are the first three cases in Greece. The method includes the insertion, through a Betocci hysteroscope, of two special metallic devices, one in each tube, leading to permanent occlusion of the tubes within three months via development of fibrosis …