Fetal maternal immune cross talking and vaccination during pregnancy

Panagiota Masoura, Georgia Koutsogeorgopoulou, Diamanto Tsianni, Anastasia Kourtesa, Kalliopi Pappa

Maternal adaptations in pregnancy induce complex physiological changes of the immune system which protect mother’s health and ensure the accommodation of the growing embryo. The innate immunity is amplified and the adaptive immunity is partially suppressed, preserving the ability to produce antibodies…

The effect of life threatening conditions of women on perinatal outcome

Simsek Arife, Uludag Seyfettin, Benian Ali, Tuten Abdullah, Oncul Mahmut, Acikgoz S. Abdullah

Introduction: The aim of this study is to evaluate the differences in perinatal – neonatal -postneonatal deaths according to the life threatining conditions of women. Material and Methods: A retrospective study was made of records of 14.968 pregnancies. Antenatal, neonatal, postneonatal deaths were recorded. Causes of perinatal–neonatal- postneonatal deaths were examined

Selective reduction in multiple pregnancies

Antsaklis Α, Anastasakis Ε

The percentage of multiple pregnancies has increased, mainly due to the uncontrolled use of the assisted conception techniques. Multifetal pregnancy reduction (MFPR) has been used to reduce the risks associated with these high risk pregnancies. It is performed in the first trimester of pregnancy by transabdominal injection of potassium chloride in the fetal heart. The risk of miscarriage …