Breast implant – Associated Anaplastic large cell lymphoma

Charilaos Ioannidis

Breast Implant –Associated Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma is a newly recognized malignant neoplasm presenting in breasts of women who have had breast implants for cosmetic or reconstructive purposes. A review of the literature showed thatit is an uncommon, slow growing T-cell lymphoma with morphology and immunophenotype similar to anaplastic lymphoma kinase (ALK)-negative anaplastic large cell lymphoma …

Case Report

Extra abdominal desmoid tumor (fibromatosis) of the breast

Ioannidis C

Desmoid tumors (or fibromatosis) of the breast are very rare findings. Their clinical and imaging features can easily mislead diagnosis, the lesions being diagnosed as breast cancer. The case of a 46-year old female patient, who presented a desmoid tumor in the area of a previously excised accessory breast, is reported. A review of the international literature revealed no other similar case. The differential diagnosis …


Laparoscopic box simulators constitute an accessible, affordable and effective solution for training in laparoscopic surgery

Litos Michail, Siristatidis Charalampos, Chrelias Charalampos, Grammatikakis Ioannis, Trompoukis Pantelis, Papantoniou Nikolaos

Background: Acquisition of laparoscopic surgical skills is best achieved before entering the operating theatre, in the context of a simulated environment. Although mechanical simulators are affordable and effective training tools, they remain non available in many training institutions. This study investigates the options available and the cost for purchasing a mechanical laparoscopic …


Clinical characteristics and current treatment approach of vaginal primary malignant melanoma

Georgios Androutsopoulos, Georgios Michail, Nikolaos Thanatsis, Charalampos Vitsas, Emmanouil Terzakis, Georgios Decavalas

Vaginal primary malignant melanoma (VPMM) is a very rare clinical entity. Most patients with VPMM usually have no specific symptoms or signs (abnormal vaginal bleeding, abnormal vaginal discharge, palpable vaginal mass and pain). VPMM has a very aggressive clinical behaviour. Moreover, patients with VPMM are usually diagnosed at advanced stage disease …