The use of Bovine Pericardium Graft (BPG) in Anterior Colporrhaphy; a review of the literature and a retrospective study

O. Tsonis, Z. Barmpalia, F. Gkrozou, M. Paschopoulos, O. Papanikolaou



Introduction: Bovine Pericardium Graft (BPG) is a non-synthetic mesh, used in cases of anterior vaginal prolapse reconstructive operation in Urogynecology. Little is known about the efficacy of this mesh and more empirical studies need to clarify its potential benefits as well as, mesh-associated complications of this type. The role of the mesh, though needs, further assessment.

Economic parameters associated with the management of female urinary incontinence in the Greek population

Karachalios Charalampos, Bakas Panagiotis, Grigoriadis Charalampos, Liapis Ilias, Liapis Aggelos

Introduction: Urinary incontinence (UI) generates great expenses for individuals and societies. The aim of this study was to analyze the economic burden of UI in the Greek female population and the National Health System (NHS) as well. Material and Methods: Participants completed a special questionnaire by personal interview. The study group consisted of 2,000 women between 20 and 80 years …

Total or subtotal abdominal hysterectomy in benign gynecological conditions: How, why, when?

Daniilidis Α, Spathopoulou S., Dinas Κ, Τantanasis T, Κartsea F, Giannoulis C, Balaouras D, Foteinakis I,Μakris V, Loufopoulos Α

Total and subtotal abdominal hysterectomy for benign indications have been compared in randomized clinical trials and observational studies. The aim of this review was to compare total and subtotal hysterectomy concerning incontinence, cervical stump problems, operation time, postoperative complications, quality of life, and prolapse. Incontinence, prolapse and cervical stumps problems …

Female urinary incontinence: A modern approach

Farfaras A, Zografos G, Litos M, Antoniou S

Female urinary incontinence is a common problem with important consequences. Its prevalence and severity have been underestimated, and its management has been inconsistent. The scientific and technical advances of the recent years have provided effective treatment options and have established urogynecology as a subspecialty. Urge incontinence results from bladder overactivity …

Physiology of the lower urinary tract

Vakas P

Significant factors that play an important role in the physiology of the lower urinary tract in women are: the hydrostatic pressure at the level of the bladder neck, the transmission ratio of intraabdominal pressure and the tension of bladder wall. The control of micturition depends not only in the maintenance of low bladder pressure during the storage phase but in the presence …