Research Article

The clinical significance of cutaneous metastasis and paraneoplastic skin lesions in ovarian cancer. A rare but not minor manifestation

Machairiotis N, Thomakos N, Malakasis A, Rodolakis A

Ovarian cancer results in the formation and proliferation of abnormal cells that have the ability to proliferate faster than normal/typical ovarian cells and then spread to other parts of the body either in a local or in a systemic way. The areas to which the metastases of ovarian cancer can be located include the lining of the abdomen, lining of the bowel and bladder, lymph nodes, lungs, liver and in very rare cases the skin …

Breast cancer and pregnancy: How, why, when

Daniilidis A, Hatzis P, Tantanasis T, Dinas K, Nasioutziki M, Carcea F, Giannoulis C, Loufopoulos A

The aim of the present review was to assess the relationship between pregnancy and breast cancer, the influence of pregnancy on mortality and prognosis of the disease, the consequences of breast cancer on pregnancy and to discuss the possible sequelae for the woman’s fertility. Pregnancy does not seem to influence the prognosis of an already established breast malignancy …

Current knowledge on common molecular mechanisms involved in endometriosis and tumor metastasis

Timologou A, Ζafrakas Μ, Grimbizis G, MiliarasD, Kotronis K, Tarlatzis Β

Although several theories exist, the etiology and pathogenesis of endometriosis is poorly understood. Data from clinical and laboratory studies indicate that this disease has common characteristics with malignant neoplasms. The present review focuses on the common molecular mechanisms involved in both implantation of tissue at ectopic sites in endometriosis and tumor metastasis …