Case Report

Abdominal wall endometriosis after cesarean section

Thanasas K. I, Papavasileiou S

The abdominal wall is the most common position locating endometriosis. The presentation of the event concerning the occurrence of endometriosis in scar of laparotomy after cesarean section. A patient, four years after cesarean section performed with Pfannestiel, came to our outpatient clinic with abdominal pain primary located in the left end of the surgical scar. Based on history and clinical findings was the suspected endometriosis …

Case Report

Office hysteroscopy for the diagnosis of endometrial cancer – An interesting case report

Daniilidis Angelos, Panteleris Nikolaos, Stamkopoulou Anthoula, Carcea Fausto, Kogeorgos Stylianos, Besharat Alexander, Asimakopoulos Efstratios

Introduction: Postmenopausal bleeding (PMB) is defined as bleeding from the genital track one year after the cessation of menses. About 1 in 10 women with postmenopausal bleeding will be diagnosed with malignancy. Case presentation: A 62 year old female patient who presented to the gynecological clinic with two incidents of vaginal bleeding in the last 60 days. The gynecological examination …

Liver diseases in pregnancy

Grammatikakis J, Evaggelinakis N, Kassanos D

Acute viral hepatitis is the most common cause of jaundice in pregnancy. Chronic hepatitis B or D infections may be transmitted to the neonate. However, hepatitis B virus transmission is effectively prevented with perinatal hepatitis B vaccination and prophylaxis with hepatitis B immune globulin. Cholelithiasis occurs in 6% of pregnancies. Complications can be safely treated …