Case Report

A case report of caesarean scar endometriosis

Tingi Efterpi

Although it is uncommon, extrapelvic endometriosis can form a discrete mass known as an abdominal wall endometrioma. The incidence of abdominal wall endometriomas has been estimated to be 0.03% to 0.15% of all cases of endometriosis. We report a case of scar endometriosis in Pfannesteil scar in a 31 year old woman, who presented six years following an emergency Caesarean Section …

Research Article

The clinical significance of cutaneous metastasis and paraneoplastic skin lesions in ovarian cancer. A rare but not minor manifestation

Machairiotis N, Thomakos N, Malakasis A, Rodolakis A

Ovarian cancer results in the formation and proliferation of abnormal cells that have the ability to proliferate faster than normal/typical ovarian cells and then spread to other parts of the body either in a local or in a systemic way. The areas to which the metastases of ovarian cancer can be located include the lining of the abdomen, lining of the bowel and bladder, lymph nodes, lungs, liver and in very rare cases the skin …

Case Report

Successful outcome birth in full term pregnancy velamentous insertion of the umbilical cord – vasa previa

Thanasas K. I , Papavasileiou S

Disclosure of incident on our successful outcome childbirth in term pregnancy velamentous insertion of the umbilical cord – vasa previa. Pregnant firstborn with free individuals and obstetrical history covering the 39th week of pregnancy is introduced in Maternity Clinic of our with symptomatology of automatic start birth. Sudden and to thoroughly grade vaginal hemorrhage found immediately after technical rupture of fetal membranes …

Research Article

Effects of oral contraceptives to bone mineral density of young women

Ververidou N, Servitzoglou N G, Siountas A, Vavilis D, Rousso D, Karagiannis V

The influence of consumption of contraceptives to female body’s hormones could affect bone formation. The purpose of this study was to assess any possible change in bone density of young women who were taking oral contraceptives, compared with those who were not. Women who participated in this study were 18-25 years old and were divided into two groups, experimental and control …


Happy New Year

Loutradis Dimitris

I wish 2018 to be the Year of peace, wealth and joy and beyond these as a President of HSOG, I wish the 2018 to be the year of opportunities, great achievements and efforts for quality in education which will bring about a society that merits individual excellence …