Case Report

Extra abdominal desmoid tumor (fibromatosis) of the breast

Ioannidis C

Desmoid tumors (or fibromatosis) of the breast are very rare findings. Their clinical and imaging features can easily mislead diagnosis, the lesions being diagnosed as breast cancer. The case of a 46-year old female patient, who presented a desmoid tumor in the area of a previously excised accessory breast, is reported. A review of the international literature revealed no other similar case. The differential diagnosis …


Preserving Fertility For Breast Cancer Patients: where do we stand today?

Psarris A, Marinopoulos S, Kallianidis K, Loutradis D, Drakakis P

Introduction: Breast cancer is the most common malignancy in women of reproductive age. The advances in treatment have resulted in an increased survival rate. However, keeping in mind that most women have not completed their families, treatment-related infertility poses a serious concern. The purpose of this review is to analyse the current options for fertility preservation in young breast cancer patients …

Breast cancer and pregnancy: How, why, when

Daniilidis A, Hatzis P, Tantanasis T, Dinas K, Nasioutziki M, Carcea F, Giannoulis C, Loufopoulos A

The aim of the present review was to assess the relationship between pregnancy and breast cancer, the influence of pregnancy on mortality and prognosis of the disease, the consequences of breast cancer on pregnancy and to discuss the possible sequelae for the woman’s fertility. Pregnancy does not seem to influence the prognosis of an already established breast malignancy …

Pregnancy and breast cancer

Evangelinakis N, Polyzou E, Grammatikakis I, Kassanos D

Breast cancer is the second leading cause of death from cancer in women during pregnancy. Pregnancy-associated breast cancer presents a challenging clinical situation because of the special and unique circumstances surrounding the growth and differentiation of the developing fetus. The trend towards later age at first childbirth has resulted in an increase in the number of breast cancer …

Mortality rates of breast cancer patients: Results of a study of 4,108 women treated in two Greek hospitals from 1981 to 2008

Perperoglou A, Louvrou N, Michaloutsou K, Keramopoullos D, Keramopoullos A

Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women and the second cause of death in the female population. This study presents mortality rates and rates of metastasis in breast cancer patients. A total of 4,108 breast cancer cases were examined. The overall survival rate at 5 years was 88%, and the corresponding 10 year survival rate was 79.8%. In the subgroup of patients with T1 tumors …