Case Report

Ectopic Pregnancy at 13-week Period of Gestation with Live Fetus

Konstantinos Zacharis, Stavros Kravvaritis, Theodoros Charitos, Anastasia Fouka

Ectopic pregnancy will unavoidably result in abortion or rupture. Ultrasound examination and β-hcg measurement are required, regarding symptomatic women with positive pregnancy test, in order to early detect cases of ectopic pregnancy. Here we report a case of a woman presented to the emergency depart- ment with acute abdomen and hemodynamic instability. History revealed a period of amenorrhea of 13 weeks and pregnancy test was found positive …


Refugees and Health Management in Greece

Loutradis Dimitris

The high refugee migration in Greece and the rising problems which derive from this continuous influx have been met with complete disregard by both the media and the government. As one would expect, in addition to host inadequacy, the country has to deal with a second critical and complex issue, the health management. The vulnerability, marginalization and poverty, as well as the high stress of displacement that refugees experience …

Case Report

Optimum time interval for intertwin delivery for extreme prematurity in DCDA twin pregnancy. A case report and a literature review

Prabha Sinha, Olakanmi Joseph, Aoun Hakmi

Due to increased use of ART delayed twin interval delivery has become a common occurrence. Multiple pregnancy is associated with high incidence of premature labour. Prematurity is the leading cause of neonatal morbidity and mortality all over the world as premature babies are at a greater risk of dying andhas other health issues. Delivery of the presenting fetus usually followed by delivery …

Research Article

Evaluation of in vitro fertilization outcomes using the FMR1 CGG repeat level and genotypes as a potential marker

Charalampos Theofanakis, Eleni Theochari, Depy Mavrogianni, Christianna Sofokleous, Peter Drakakis, Andreas Pampanos, Sofia Kitsiou-Tzeli, Dimitrios Loutradis

Introduction: The correlation between FMR1 and ovarian function is a relatively new field of research. It has been stated that premutation carriers present with higher rates of premature ovarian failure, compared to the general population. In the present study, we attempted to correlate the distribution of FMR1 CGG level and genotypes with the outcome of in vitro fertilization protocol between good and poor responders …


Understanding the Rare Krukenberg Tumor: A Current Review

Emmanouil Charakopoulos, Nikolaos Thomakos, Dafni Sourelli, Konstantinos Sideris, Alexandros Rodolakis

Krukenberg tumors represent a rare type of secondary ovarian tumors composed of mucinous signetring cells. In up to 70% of cases the primary site is a diffuse type gastric carcinoma, which disseminates to the ovary through a retrograde lymphatic pathway. The Krukenberg tumor is a good example of metastatic ovarian organotropism (“seed and soil” hypothesis).The symptoms are nonspecific …