Music as a mean to improve diagnostic accuracy of antenatal CTG

Loutradis Dimitris


Maternal quality of life during the antenatal period is of crucial importance as pregnancy is one of the finest periods throughout the life of a woman. Antenatal testing and anticipation of the results may, however, be stressful for some women. Fetal cardiotocography is routinely performed during the third trimester of pregnancy in Greece, however, its results are not always unequivocal. It is believed that maternal anxiety may, partially, affect fetal heart rate and result in cardiotocographic alterations that can erroneously result in an unnecessary increase of cases of induced labor …

Mini Review

Post Partum Hemorrhage – Mini Review

Charalampos Voros, Kalliopi Pappa



Postpartum hemorrhage (PPH) is an obstetric emergency. It is one of the top causes of maternal mortality in both high and low income countries, although the absolute risk of death from PPH is much lower in high-income countries. Several risk factors predispose to the development of PPH including prolonged labor, precipitous labor, uterine distension. In 2017, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists revised the definition of PPH to help guide its management. In the present mini-review we focus on specific medical and minimally invasive interventions, and surgical interventions at laparotomy…


Study of RsaI polymorphism of the ERβ gene in Greek women with endometriosis

Elli Anagnostou, Agathi Theodoropoulou, Despina Mavrogianni, Athanasios Protopapas, Peter Drakakis, Dimitrios Loutradis



Estrogens and estrogen receptors (ERs) play an important role in the pathogenesis of endometriosis. The aim of this study was to investigate the presence of gene polymorphism RsaI in the gene of the estrogen receptor ERβ in the Greek female population, and its distribution in women suffering from endometriosis and in a control group. We included 67 consecutive infertile women of Caucasian origin who were operated laparoscopically in our Gynecological Endoscopy Unit for endometriosis, and 96 women participated as control group…

Research article

Smoking during pregnancy was negatively associated with physical fitness in childhood

Konstantinos D. Tambalis, Stamatis Mourtakos, Demosthenes D. Panagiotakos, Labros S. Sidossis


Background: To explore the potential relationship of several prenatal predictors with physical fitness (PF) components among children. Material and Methods: Α random sample of 5,125 dyads children (8 to 9 years old) and their mothers was evaluated. Mothers were asked to provide information contained in their medical booklets and pregnancy ultrasound records. With the use of a standardized questionnaire, telephone interviews were carried out for the collection of maternal factors in order to assess the potential association between several prenatal factors…

Research article

The Effect of music on maternal anxiety and maternal and fetal heart rate during cardiotocography

Milona Gabriella, Pergialiotis Vasilios, Theodora Marianna, Loutradis Dimitrios, Daskalakis Georgios



Introduction: It is well known that music acts as an analgesic. Facilitates muscle relaxation, reduction of physical pain and mental tension. Purpose of this original investigation: study the effect of music on maternal anxiety during cardiotocography as well as its effect on embryonic cardiac function in relation to mother’s heart rate. Method and materials: The survey, conducted in external midwifery medical services of Alexandra’s Hospital, involved 80 pregnant women who met the criteria for participation. They were divided in two groups…

Case Report

Imperforate hymen: a rare cause of tenesmus

Konstantinos Zacharis, Stavros Kravvaritis, Eleni Chrysafopoulou, Theodoros Charitos, Anastasia Fouka.


Imperforate hymen is an uncommon obstructive anomaly of the female reproductive tract for which early diagnosis is easy to miss. Untreated cases after menarche may cause cyclic lower abdominal pain and amenorrhea. Hymenotomy is considered proper management in order to avoid complications associated with late treatment. We report a case of an imperforate hymen in a 13-year-old adolescent girl presenting with tenesmus and acute lower abdominal pain. The patient was treated with hymenotomy and postoperative period was uneventful…

Case Report

Wilson`s disease in pregnancy: presentation of a case report.

Ioannis Thanopoulos, Kalliopi Pappa


Wilson’s disease is a rare inherited autosomal recessive disorder of copper metabolism causing toxic hepatic and neural accumulation. The gene that regulates the disease is located on chromosome 13 (13q14.3). The signs and symptoms of Wilson’s disease vary depending on the organs that are affected by the disease with almost all the patients showing evidence of progressive liver disease. Its severity varies and is strongly associated with the time of diagnosis. In the present case report we present a rare case presenting…