Case Report

Extra abdominal desmoid tumor (fibromatosis) of the breast

Ioannidis C

Desmoid tumors (or fibromatosis) of the breast are very rare findings. Their clinical and imaging features can easily mislead diagnosis, the lesions being diagnosed as breast cancer. The case of a 46-year old female patient, who presented a desmoid tumor in the area of a previously excised accessory breast, is reported. A review of the international literature revealed no other similar case. The differential diagnosis …

Surgical management of breast tuberculosis: Diagnostic and therapeutic approach

Marinopoulos S1, Gatzionis T1, Papaspyrou I2, Dimitrakakis C1, Antsaklis A1

Mammary (breast) tuberculosis is a rare manifestation of extra-pulmonary disease, which accounts for less than 0.1% of breast diseases in developed countries, but reaches 3-4% in endemic areas (India, Africa). It mostly appears in women of reproductive age, multiparous or lactating. It has been scarcely reported to infect male patients, mainly before puberty, as well as women …

Proteomics and gynecological cancer

Makedou K, Prapas N, Kourtis A, Makedos G

Proteomics is the study of the complete protein complement of the human genome, the “proteome”. Various technologies have been developed for the purposes of proteomics, such as mass spectrometry. In oncology, proteomics can provide the identification of a panel of proteins, which can be used as biomarkers for early cancer detection, for disease stage determination, for the application …