Necrotizing fasciitis after cesarean section

Ioannidis C

Iaso hospital, Athens, Greece

Correspondence: Ioannidis Charis, 18 Ioannou Gennadiou St, GR-11521 Athens, Greece. Ε-mail:


Necrotizing fasciitis after cesarean section is a very serious condition. The patient’s fate is related to an early diagnosis, aggressive surgical debridement and adequate supportive medical management. Final reconstruction of the resulting defect is preferably done at a later stage. A case of 33-year old woman who developed necrotizing fasciitis two days after cesarean section is presented. The peculiarities of this case are discussed and compared with data from the international literature.

Keywords: Necrotizing fasciitis, cesarean section, Group B streptococcus, abdominoplasty

p. 63-67