Ectopic pregnancy after bilateral tubal ligation

Karkanaki A, Diamantopoulou A, Kontomanolis E, Tsonoglou D

Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Giannitsa general hospital, Giannitsa, Greece

Correspondence: Karkanaki A, 30 Ioanninon St, GR-54639, Thessaloniki, Greece. Ε-mail:


Sterilization is the most safe and common method of contraception. Failure rate is referred to 0.13-1.5%, and in this case, the risk of ectopic pregnancy is high. We describe a case of a ruptured tubal pregnancy, following ten months after bilateral tubal ligation. The patient was treated with urgent laparotomy and removal of right salpinx with the fetus.

Keywords: ectopic pregnancy, sterilization, tubal ligation

p. 37-39